• Lighting India
  • Mar 20, 2017

Interview with Mayank Gupta, Exec. Director - India Operations, TRILUX

As per my understanding, TRILUX represents the most simple and reliable path to customised, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions. The firm offers a wide portfolio of technologies as well as high-performance partners within the TRILUX Lighting India Pvt. Ltd., and unites single components to create custom-designed complete solutions. Mayank Gupta, Exec. Director - India Operations of the firm, talks to Lighting India about the lighting industry and the company...

What is your view on the growth of the global lighting industry?

Internet of Things (IoT) will transform workplaces into digital spaces. IoT is enabling new products and network innovations that will generate more speed, cost savings, security and better overall customer experiences. For instance, you walk into a store and the floor lights up to show you the way to the product that you are searching for, like your favourite books category? Or if you enter a shared office space and the room knows who you are and adjusts the lights and temperature to your liking?

The global companies are digitising their business operations, and buildings are central to this kind of digital transformation. These kinds of changes can turn out to be competitive advantages for the companies that embrace them, from those in retail to hotels to all kinds of customer service companies.

The idea is to create better experiences for workers and guests and to save both money and energy. This requires a system that controls everything from badge swipes to lighting and air conditioning and must work together as if they were one. And they must be secure and incorporate real time analytics for cost and energy saving. The system will also reduce power outages and increase power efficiency way up.

What are the advantages of LED lighting? How is the acceptance of these in India?

Energy conservation is driving adoption of LED Lighting and the market has seen growth exponentially. Low voltage LED Lighting adoption is also a critical component in concept of smart cities and smart buildings. LED Lighting has also given a new edge of growth in retail, hospitality and commercial offices verticals in terms of mood lighting, health centric lighting and entertainment lighting. These verticals are seeing new applications due to flexibility in using LED Lighting solutions. India market has seen a major shift from tradition fluorescent to LED Lighting in last 2-3 years, reaching almost 50% or more market share in 2017.

Who are your major clients from lighting industry?

In India, Trilux has primarily focussed in Office Spaces in last four years. Our customers have been both government as well Indian and MNC corporate offices – covering all areas of the building such as workspaces, meeting rooms, corridors, stairs, lobby areas, car parking, including light around the building. We have also executed street lighting projects in Delhi.

Your company is into indoor and outdoor lighting… How is the growth of each of these segments?

The LED Lighting is driving the growth for both indoor as well outdoor Lighting. The focus of India government on infrastructure development for attracting FDI under ‘Make in India’ program as well development of over 100 Smart Cities will be driving the growth of lighting industry – both indoor and outdoor. Combined with going green and energy saving initiatives, the lighting industry is set to grow much faster in next 5-7 years, beating the previous growth trends.

What kind of service do you offer to your customers?

As a manufacturer of indoor, outdoor, architectural lighting solutions, our main focus has been to supply high quality, highly energy efficient, high on aesthetics, weather proof and simple to use lighting solutions for every lighting application such workspaces, hotels, restaurants, retail, airports, train stations, street lighting and entertainment verticals. Trilux solutions also include Human Centric Lighting such as – 1) Circadian daylight-synchronous systems - These solutions are oriented to the 24-hour rhythm of daylight, simulating this based on various colour temperatures and intensities; 2) Dynamic Light Systems - These track rhythms oriented to individual requirements instead of the course of daylight? Activating light at 11.15 am and a relaxing light atmosphere at 2 pm each day; 3) Emotional Lighting Systems - Such systems use lighting with coloured light (RGB-controlled) or special white tones and create emotions, experiences and accenting.

What is your advice to the prospective buyers of lighting solutions?

In India, Trilux is primarily focusing on office spaces. Human asset is of prime importance to any organisation. The productivity and efficiency of this human asset is very important to any organisation which wants to succeed in today’s very dynamic and competitive world. My advice to buyers is to consult Trilux while designing their workspaces. Trilux will discuss with them on maximising human productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day workspaces, through scientific lighting management of their individual requirements.