• Lighting India
  • Jul 24, 2017

Lunera’s new CFL LED Replacement Lamp is first to achieve DLC v4 listing

 Lunera Lighting Inc., a well known LED lighting and Energy Management Optimisation, has introduced the industry’s first 4-pin 26W compact fluorescent replacement lamp - to meet the recently enacted Design Lights Consortium (DLC) specification and qualify for DLC listing. The new specification was anticipated by utility companies to establish rebate programs that further encourage LED retrofits by greatly reducing upfront costs.

  The Lunera CFL LED G24q is the company’s latest ballast-driven LED lamp. It is the fourth generation in a family of lamps that introduced plug-and-play CFL replacement lamps to commercial and industrial markets in 2013.

  To achieve DLC v4.1 Listing and attract utility company rebates, Lunera made design improvements to dramatically improve efficacy (lumens out per watt consumed). Lumen output is nearly 50% greater than the previous generation, while power consumption has dropped over 20%.  In addition, Lunera, an established industry leader in ballast compatibility testing, has expanded the number of industry-standard ballasts compatible with the new lamp.