• Lighting India
  • Jul 20, 2017

Larson Electronics releases a new explosion proof low bay AC LED Light

 Larson Electronics LLC, a well known industrial lighting company, unveils a new explosion proof low bay AC LED light to be added to its catalogue of products this week. This heavy-duty explosion proof LED features no driver, long lamp life and provides bright illumination with broad coverage in hazardous locations.

  This explosion proof low bay AC LED light features state of the art AC LEDs paired with specially designed heat sinks for improved efficiency, thermal management, and durability. By eliminating the drivers associated with DC LEDs, space is freed up for more connective surface, accelerating heat dissipation and increasing durability. The specially designed heat sink allows for greater surface area contact with the air as well as a stronger airflow rate. This low bay LED has been created for maximum thermal efficiency, making it ideal for applications in which the ambient operating temperature falls into extreme ranges, especially high heat applications. In addition, fewer sub-components also means fewer chances for secondary component failure. The simplified circuit system used within AC LEDs creates greater stability and enhances luminaire lifespan.

  The IP68 rated construction of this LED light enables is to withstand the daily wear and tear inflicted by harsh outdoor conditions, as well as, the corrosive effects of saltwater spray in marine environments, including saltwater spray. The copper-free, non-sparking die-cast aluminium alloy housing and tempered glass lens are vibration and impact resistant, making it ideal for applications such as: oil refineries, petrochemical plants, painting facilities, offshore rigs, marinas, docks, warehouses, garages and commercial buildings. This AC LED light is listed for use in the United States and Canada and carries IEC Ex and ATEX certifications.

Website: www.larsonelectronics.com