• Lighting India
  • Jul 20, 2017

Zylight includes Rayzr 7 - the new series of seven-inch LED Fresnels

 Zylight, a well known manufacturer and distributor of innovative LED lighting solutions, revealed that it is the distributor of Rayzr 7 – the new series of seven-inch LED Fresnels. Rayzr 7 is the latest in a select group of broadcast, film, and stage lighting manufacturers that Zylight distributes across North and South America.

  The Rayzr 7 series includes four different models, the 300 (300W) and 200 (200W) daylight and 300B (150W tungsten or daylight) and 200BM (100W tungsten or daylight) bi-color models. Compact and lightweight, all Rayzr 7 lights offer spot/flood focus, integrated DMX control, AC/DC power options, and approximately 50,000 hours of runtime.

  Last spring, Zylight established its first distribution agreement with Aladdin, which offers its BI-FLEX flexible LCD panels and ultraportable lights. Since then, the company has added LDDE theatrical and rear projection lighting instruments, NanGuang’s compact LED Fresnels and soft panel lights, and FXLION’s battery and power systems exclusively throughout North and South America.

Website: www.zylight.com