• Lighting India
  • Sep 5, 2017

Wipro Lighting sets up automated streetlights in PEC Chandigarh’s ‘Smart City Innovation Centre

 Wipro Lighting has installed automated streetlights at the Smart City Innovation Centre (SCIC), sector 12 campus, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh in an endeavour to model and test smart outdoor lighting solutions for the union territory’s Smart City Project.

  PEC’s sprawling campus is being used as a miniature township for testing high-tech public services proposed to be introduced in Chandigarh under the Centre’s flagship project. To begin with, PEC Campus has Wipro’s smart streetlight poles installed.

  The smart outdoor lighting system is based on LPRF (Lower Power Radio Frequency) technology along with GPRS. It is deployed on smart street lights with individual level luminaire control, also facilitated with dimming option. The system is termed as CCMS (Centrally Control and Monitoring System) where multiple street lights are centrally controlled and monitored. This helps in real time energy monitoring, dynamic energy saving based on astronomical time clock. Features like remote monitoring of the street lights and automated fault finding & proactive correction makes system more effective.

  The system also generates reports on energy consumption pattern, alarms (theft, failure) and sends alerts.

  The streetlights are capable of detecting daylight and adjusting their lumen output accordingly. They will also be compatible with pollution sensors which will further be used for monitoring oxygen and carbon dioxide levels on the streets.