• Lighting India
  • Sep 5, 2017

Philips Lighting partnered with a leading Vietnamese construction company

 Philips Lighting, a well known leader in lighting, revealed the completion of Hanoi’s latest luminous landmark, the Nhât Tân Bridge.

An urban icon—in techni-colour

  Each night, the new lighting system bathes the bridge in a prism of colours, turning the structure into an ever-changing work of art. The new architectural lighting illuminates the five majestic spans, along with the cables that run high above the bridge.

   Now, all who cross Hanoi’s Red River are met with the Nhât Tân Bridge’s five colourful spans, which symbolise the five ancient gates to this capital city. The bridge, built in 2015, is currently Vietnam’s longest ‘cable-stayed’ bridge, a technological advance over the suspension bridge. A vital, visible link between Hanoi and its main airport, the newly illuminated Nhât Tân Bridge is already attracting tourists and locals alike.

Advanced lighting technology

The actual light points on the bridge’s spans are Philips Colour Kinetics, which can create a staggering 16.7 million different colours, enabling the bridge to be lit in special colours to commemorate events and holidays.

Keeping lighting sustainable

Like most of the world’s tourist-destination cities, Hanoi is in the process of becoming an even ‘smarter’, more sustainable city. And the bridge’s new system supports Hanoi’s sustainability goals. Compared to conventional lighting, the new long-life LED system may deliver up to 75 % energy savings, as well as saving on operation and maintenance costs.