• Lighting India
  • Sep 14, 2017

Access Fixtures launches HEZE full cutoff wall packs

 Access Fixtures launches HEZE full cutoff wall packs. These fixtures boast incredible efficacies due to their LED-conscious construction and LED output and are designed for entry lighting, apartment buildings, brick facades, and elsewhere. These full cutoff fixtures send light downward to limit the amount of wasted light and prevent light pollution.

  HEZE full cutoff wall packs are ideal to replace your out-of-date HID and metal halide fixtures. HEZE wall packs are far more efficient than metal halides, as shown by their ninety percent efficacy rating, high CRI of up to 85, and their ability to be virtually maintenance free. These LED replacements will last more than 10 times longer than metal halide fixtures and deliver up to 4,148 lumens. HEZE wall packs are L70 rated for up to 213,000 hours.

Website: www.accessfixtures.com