• Lighting India
  • Aug 20, 2017

LG Innotek unveils the world's first 70mW UV-C LED

 LG Innotek revealed that the company has developed the world's first 70mw UV-C LED for sterilisation applications. As its sterilisation performance is 1.5 times higher than the competitor’s 45mW module.

  UV-C LED produces the short wavelength ultraviolet rays in the range of 200 – 280nm, al-lowing it to be used for sterilisation purpose. It prevents the proliferation of bacteria by de-stroying their DNA. LG Innotek’s product emits UV in the range of 280nm.

  Until now, UV-C LED has been mainly applied in small sanitary products because its low op-tical power led to low sterilisation performance. The power of LEDs for toothbrush sterilisers is 1mW and that for sterilising the water tank of humidifier is 2mW.

  LG Innotek improved UV-C LED’s optical power to 70mW by utilising its proprietary LED ver-tical chip technology. While the product measures only 6mm in both its length and width, its sterilisation performance is the world's best.
The company overcomes the UV output limit with specialised LED chip technology. The epi-taxial structure design and vertical chip technology to maximise light extraction have in-creased the output and ensured quality reliability by effectively exhausting heat.

  As the company’s product is compact and boasts high sterilisation performance, it can be applied to various fields such as water purifier and air purifier. Because it allows you to steri-lise flowing water and air.

  It is also good for use in hardening equipment in the manufacturing industry. As the UV output is strong, the performance of the curing device can be enhanced.

  Manufacturers of water purification, cleaning and curing device can benefit from stable sup-ply of UV-C LEDs optimised for respective purposes from LG Innotek. Because LG Innotek is equipped with a consistent production system that produces Epi-wafers, chips, packages, and modules, and offers its products to its customers after rigorous quality management. 

Website: www.lginnotek.com