• Lighting India
  • Aug 20, 2017

Philips Lighting raises bar for ambient lighting with its new Philips ExpertColor technology

 Philips Lighting launched Philips Master LED ExpertColor GU10 and MR16, a new range of LED spot lamps enabling customers to create a warm and comfortable ambience with superior colour realisation using a customised light spectrum with advanced phosphor technology and deep dimming. The new range is aimed at providing a superior lighting experience for premium hospitality and residential spaces where ambience matters.

  Today, many high-end hospitality and residential spaces continue to use halogen spot lamps due to a lack of alternatives with sufficiently warm coloured light, high colour realisation and deep dimming. Philips Master LED ExpertColor GU10 and MR16 lamps answer the need for an LED alternative that provides a light spectrum and effects almost identical to halogen with the highest quality dimming.

  With a customised light spectrum that is over 94 % identical to halogen light colour, compared to only about 60 % with standard LED lights, the new Philips Master LED ExpertColor 2700K spots provide a warm and comfortable ambience. The deep dimming enables users to adjust the lights to the most comfortable levels.

  Philips ExpertColor technology offers best in class colour realisation. It has high colour fidelity with a Colour Rendering Index of 97, enhanced rendering of reds (R9>85) and saturated colours, bringing out the true colours and textures in interior decors and furnishings as originally intended by the designer. The minimalist look of the trimless V-groove lens design for edge-to-edge lighting ensures that the lamp fits in seamlessly with any décor.

  Philips Master LED ExpertColor spots retain their superior colour with long lasting high lumen output over a lifetime of 40,000 hours which is especially beneficial for the hospitality segment where operations can continue 24 hours a day. Also, it is a retrofit spot lamp ensuring a quick and hassle free transition to LEDs. 

Website: www.lighting.philips.com