• Lighting India
  • Oct 20, 2017

High-Performance Backyard LED Basketball Court Lighting

 Access Fixtures launches new backyard LED basketball court packages. These packages provide everything you need to light a backyard basketball court to an average of 10-19 footcandles. Designed for backyard-level play, these LED basketball court packages are designed for courts that are 30’ x 35’; if your court is a different size, Access Fixtures can modify all packages to suit your requirements.

  Each package comes with up to four KOTA sports light fixtures that emit 20,324 lumens each. These fixtures auto-sense voltages between 120v and 277v; high-voltage wiring is also available, Access Fixtures can easily customize your fixtures to ensure you achieve the best output. Each backyard LED basketball court package uses KOTA LED sports lighters that feature a single multi-layer Luna Flip Chip COB LED, which far outperforms lamps with multiple chips due its reduced thermal resistance and lower operating temperature. With their unique COB DBR flip chip design, KOTA LED sports lights solve heat issues via a built-in channel that helps heat escape before it harms the LEDs. As a result of this unique feature, each KOTA sports light has a rated of life of up to 100,000 hours, delivering a terrific amount of light. 

Website: www.accessfixtures.com