• Lighting India
  • Feb 20, 2018

Navin Kanodia, Interior Stylist & Creative Director, S.T.Unicom Pvt. Ltd

S.T. Unicom Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name in designer furniture, décor & lighting in India. Over the past 20 years, the company has redefined the organised luxury furniture and decor market in India. Over the last ten years it has partnered with many world acclaimed designers to bring the best of their collection to India exclusively. It currently, brings almost 30 international design, décor & lighting brands to cater to the changing lifestyle requirements of contemporary Indians. Navin Kanodia, Interior Stylist & Creative Director, S.T.Unicom Pvt. Ltd., talks to Lighting India about his company and the industry.

When did you launch your company? What prompted you to step into this décor and accessories business?

S.T. Unicom was launched in 1995. In 2000, it ventured into decor and accessories segment and in late 2000, the company came up with its current format with a portfolio of more than 30 international decor brands from across the world.

Over the last decade there has been a phenomenal change in the interior and decor market in India. Home improvement sector has witnessed high demand. Indian consumers are now aspiring for the global trends and designs and spend on home and living has gone up. With our years of understanding and expertise, we decided to bring a choicest selection of international brand to cater to the needs of our discerning customers.

What does your company specialise in? What does it offer to make modern living better?

We specialise in bringing the very best of international furniture, decor & lighting brands in India. Currently we have more than 15 international brands in our portfolio and each of these brands offer a superior design experience and quality excellence. Our portfolio includes SERIP, Goebel, Munna, Pieter Adams, Nomon, Planika, Maleras, AlexTurco, Camus, Coleccion Alexandra, Boyd, Beauhome, Kelly Hoppen, Ginger & Jagger, Thomas Bina to name a few.

Along with decor and accessories we specialise in decorative lightings. We offer a range of international brands in decorative lighting which accentuated contemporary living. In decorative lighting space we bring in brands like Pieter Adams and SERIP which are internationally coveted names and each brand offers a wide range of decorative lights that accentuates contemporary decor.

Pieter Adam is an international designer lighting brand that stands for designing excellence and perfection. With designer Pieter Adam at the helm, the brand has a bunch of highly skilled artisans and talented designers, striving to create stunning lighting pieces that also double up as perfect luxury décor accessories. Perfection is paramount in the Pieter Adam Collection. From the silk chords to the metal housing for each fitting, a Pieter Adam piece is assembled with scrutiny and passion. It can be a showpiece in your interior radiating international splendour.

Similarly, SERIP, the iconic designer lighting brand from Portugal works with the most talented craftsmen whose deep knowledge of artwork allows for personalised and bold designs. The manual bronze work and artistic glass result in stunning art pieces inspired by nature.

The brand showcased its organic Lighting chandeliers inspired by nature that gain their uniqueness for its exclusive lighting fixtures, endless colors, shapes and sizes to suit the needs of every home or project. Particular attention to detail and the unique design with precious materials, make SERIP an undertaking of organic lighting luxury. The passion for lighting and search for innovation in design demonstrates SERIP’s unique point of view in the field of decoration in contrast to the mass of today. SERIP produces undertaking nature-inspired chandeliers. Organic lighting that stands out for its attention to detail and unique design.

As an interior stylist, what is your opinion about the latest decor lighting trends in India?

Lights are crucial when it comes to decor and its importance has grown significantly in Indian home decor market. Modern decor enthusiasts are increasingly using decorative lights to create a focal point in the interior space and to add a personalised touch to it. Indian customers are now well aware of the global designers, trends and they aspire no less. In terms of trends, contemporary decorative lights, globally organic theme inspired lighting pieces & exquisite materials are being appreciated and the trend is same in India as well.

How important is decorative lighting in décor?

Decorative lighting is a one of the most integral elements of modern decor. It can make or break the theme. It adds dynamism to the décor and creates a personalised ambience. Decorative lights a focal point in the space and gives a break the monotony of contemporary, linear settings. While minimalism prevails in modern decor, decorative lightings are a great way to introduce maximalism in the space.

Which are the different categories in decorative lighting market?

Decorative lighting has various segments which include chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, bracket lights, table lamps and so on. Especially organic luxury lighting are in vogue.

How big is the décor lighting market in India? Which are the emerging categories to watch out for?

It is difficult to comment on the market size as the sector is still in a nascent stage. However decorative lighting sector is going to have a great run owing to the boom in urban housing sector. In terms of categories Indian market is now following the international trends in decorative lighting. In terms of categories major emerging categories metal and blown glass is going to have a major market here.

How do you define the lighting (decorative) market in India in the coming years?

The perception of people has changed towards decorative lighting. Indians are now aware of international décor trends and they prefer contemporary settings. The customer today understands that decorative lighting serves both aesthetics & function. Decorative lighting is also being considered as an object of statement or an art piece. There are more designers in India who are now coming up in this sector than ever before and designing lights. With urban peripheries expanding, decorative lighting will continue to see a double digit growth in India year on year.