• Lighting India
  • Feb 20, 2018

Environmental Lights introduces 20-Amp capacity, single-channel dimmer

 Environmental Lights, well known in LED lighting solutions, introduced the availability of a new high-capacity, low-cost single-channel dimmer.

  Jordan Brooks, President, Environmental Lights, said, “The Single Channel StudioPro LED Dimmer is a simple, yet powerful, LED dimmer that is well suited for a wide variety of lighting applications. Due to its 20 Amp capacity, it's the ideal 'set and forget' dimmer for larger applications.”

  The Single Channel StudioPro LED Dimmer allows users to dim up to 20 Amps of single-colour LEDs seamlessly from 100% brightness to fully off for consistent control across large installations. The design utilises a 5kHz PWM frequency to ensure flicker-free lighting performance, making it ideal for on-camera applications. Additionally, its compact design allows for easy dimming on set without having to connect to a control board. The Single Channel StudioPro LED Dimmer features a knob with smooth dimming action to achieve the exact look that is needed on set, stage or anywhere where reliable lighting control matters.

Website: www.environmentallights.com