• Lighting India
  • Apr 11, 2018

Larson Electronics releases Magnetic Mount Explosion Proof Rechargeable LED Strobe Light

 Larson Electronics, a well known industrial lighting company, revealed the release of a powerful explosion proof strobe light that features 9 high-intensity LEDs and a rechargeable self-contained battery. This explosion proof LED beacon comes in red, blue, amber or white, and has a magnetic mounting system, making it a versatile lighting solution to combine with warning and notification systems in hazardous locations.

  The EPSLED-RPS-80-SVS-M-HV is an 8-watt rechargeable explosion proof LED strobe light with a magnetic mounting system. This lighting system contains an explosion proof LED lamp, housed in waterproof copper-free aluminium and factory sealed with baked epoxy powder. This extreme durability allows the LED beacon to survive in hazardous environments and withstand far more abuse than other regular filament-based beacons. The solid-state LED can be ordered in red, blue, amber or white, allowing operators to choose an appropriate colour for their application.

  This battery-powered explosion proof strobe light has a total of 30 flash patterns to choose from and is powered with an 8.8ah lithium ion rechargeable battery. When fully charged, this fixture runs on 11-30V DC for up to 8 hours, providing extended illumination for warning systems in industrial sites, oil and gas facilities, warehouses and more. The battery can easily be recharged with the included general-area outlet wall charger - available in 120V or 240V. The magnetic mount system on the EPSLED-RPS-80-SVS-M-HV allows the beacon to be quickly mounted on metal wall or ceiling structures and removed without tools or additional accessories.

Website: https://www.larsonelectronics.com/