• Lighting India
  • Apr 20, 2018

“Technology is now a dominant aspect of the lighting sector”

One of the most important added values of Panzeri is represented by the heritage in terms of tradition and craftsmanship inherited in 70 years of history. The second generation entrepreneur, Enzo Panzeri, talks to Lighting India about the history lived and carrying the legacy forward with the ever-changing technology.

I believe ‘Panzeri’ has been in the market for the longest period, we would like to know about the company evolution?

In 1947 our founder Carlo Panzeri, an entrepreneur with great experience in the technical and engineering sectors, created in 1947 a company specialised in the production of lamps components. Since the 1990s, the second generation has been leading the company: Norberto, myself and Simonetta Panzeri. Norberto’s son Federico Panzeri has been Export Manager since 2013. After seventy years, our family company is a consolidated reality in the almost zero-kilometer production of products for decorative and architectural lighting. This is confirmed by the growing trend in recent years and the positive results in 2017 too.

Could you tell us about your development in the product category from the beginnings up to now?

Our own lamps and chandeliers of side by side with those of other brands: this was our winning formula in the during our first decades of life. With the arrival of Carlo Panzeri’s children in the company during the 90s, production was modernised and gradually opened up to foreign markets. Shortly after 2000 we created our own Research and Development department, we introduced laser cutting and since then we have gradually converted our lamps to LED lighting. Our high point arrived when we became a decidedly international company and with the success from both sales and Design points of view of products presented in 2015 such as Rings and Jackie.

What were the ebb and flow faced by the business?

Over time the company has optimised all its work flows, with staff working in departments with specific work Teams which actively collaborate in assisting the client in each stage of the project. From client support in product choice to the production and carrying out of the order to post sales assistance, Panzeri stands out for quality and professionalism.

L2R: Norberto, Simonetta and Enzo Panzeri

How do you perceive the current market (Lighting)?

Technology is now a dominant aspect of the lighting sector. The digital revolution, which started with the arrival of LED lighting now involves lighting not just in homes but also in the workplace and the streets.

Could you tell us about the business before and after inheritance?

Our market used to be mainly ‘just’ local, and then national. Things changed enormously with globalisation, the Made in Italy brand is very popular abroad in the lighting sector too and new horizons opened up which we couldn’t have imagined before. Our exports now account for almost half of our revenue (49%) and we have a branch in Germany, in Munich, which looks after one of the most important European countries as regards the lighting market. We now export to more than 60 countries.

What are your insights about into the future of your business (lighting) into this market (current scenario)?

We can no longer stop at producing good lamps. We need to think about how to place them in a world of devices which are all interconnected among themselves. We need to equip ourselves and evolve taking in User Experience, through software and smartphone apps that allow people and objects to interact with lighting fixtures. We’ve already taken steps in this direction with a version of the table lamp Jackie for the Internet of Things, the centrepoint of an Office Automation system called OTOMO.

How has the lighting market changed over the period of time since the company ’s inception?

The lighting market has changed immensely since 1947, when the company was founded. Panzeri started out as producer of mechanical components for other lighting companies. Through the years the desire to have our own line of products grew to the point that what was initially just a dream became reality. The lighting market has changed enormously since the first collections. Globalisation has influenced many dynamics, in both sales and design. For example design now has to satisfy the standards of many different countries, both in Europe and outside it. Our contacts now come from more than 60 countries around the world.

Any piece of advice that you would like to give to the current entrepreneurs in the industry?
Our advice to other entrepeneurs is to keep your objectives clear and never compromise.