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Dwarkamai: Fusing context and nature with light

‘Lines of light’ highlight the simplicity of the design starting with the façade portal. - Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar

8 key lighting design principles for energy-efficiency

Featuring the basic lighting designing design principles that enable a houseowner reaping the benefits of effective lighting as well as energy efficiency by reducing the electricity bill and saving money.

A house with a breathing landscape

Perched on an urban setting, this residence exhibits an unconventional facade comprising of decks and glazing, dynamic in nature. The design treats the space as an urban sanctuary, the architecture of which follows fluidic forms. The home is a juxtaposition of varied experiences - the insides merging with the outside, achieved by introducing openings at all levels.

Decorate Your Home with LED Lights

The LED lighting industry is expected to witness a huge leap, not only in the near future, but in the long run as well. The prospect of...

Smart Living Ideas from Häfele

The concept of smart-living as a trend is gaining importance among city dwellers. The densification of housing and the on-going migration into urban centres is what brings...

Out-of-the-Box Solutions from Häfele

OUT-OF-THE-BOX is a product that follows a lateral or unique design process with features or functionalities that work immediately after installation.Every product at Häfele follows an Out-of-the-box...

Crescent House – A mirage of tradition and modernism

What is the concept behind this project?The house was being designed by Smitha Zacharia of Zachariah x Piers, for a young couple who are very well travelled...

Partnering for Progress

Wireless control of lighting systems is making inroads into the indoor professional lighting market, with the promise of improved energy efficiency, low-cost installation and reconfiguration, and enhanced...

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