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Protect Your Health

Close the blinds, draw the curtains and turn off all the lights before bed. Exposure to even moderate ambient lighting during nighttime sleep, compared to sleeping in...

Tolez launches customizable RGB ambient lighting home decor

Tolez has launched a futuristic, wall hanging artwork with customizable RGB ambient light that instantly sets the mood and atmosphere in any room for relaxation and enhanced...

Better Illumination

In India, kitchen furniture is still manufactured mainly from bespoke handcrafts but, more and more, kitchen furniture manufactured according to international standards are on demand. In comparison:...


'Home on the Hill’ is a monolithic residence overlooking the scenic hills of the Western Ghats designed by Bangalore-based architecture firm Arun Nalapat Architects. Located in Wayanad/...
Home Smart Switches Sensor Switch


Smart switches amplify the smart home ecosystem. As the market continues to evolve and Indians inch towards a more connected lifestyle, faster uptake of evolved, modernized and IoT-enabled switchgear will re-shape modern living.
Interview Crompton Pg 25

Sticking up to the fight: To what extent will the industry innovate?

Talk to us about innovation, to what extent is the industry phased from the on-set of the COVID-19 virus?The on-set of COVID-19 has impacted businesses and the...
Ilfari Launches The Eye In The Sky Collection Pg 8

ILFARI launches the Eye in the Sky collection

- The Lighting India content teamILFARI is known for its uniquely designed lighting for luxurious interiors worldwide. With the Eye in the Sky they continue creating conversation...
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At Dr. Chandna’s Residence in Delhi, Anusha Technovision has played the vital role by installing the lighting controls, motorised shades, speakers, step-up of home theatre and everything can be controlled via iPad. The lighting control system installed in this residence creates the ability for home’s lighting to be controlled together.

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