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Museum Lighting

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Xicato Illuminates The Science Museum London

Xicato Illuminates: The Science Museum, London

The Science Museum in London can now host private events for those drawn by unique features and panoramic views of the City. Xicato Controls two floors spanning...
Erco Lighting

Creating the perfect lighting

ERCO with its Eclipse product range targets applications with the highest standards such as prestigious museums, art galleries and exclusive retail projects.

The Rothschild Collection

The unique Rothschild Collection of 300 bullions from 35 countries with a total weight of 230 kg is presented in 38 vitrines which are integrated in the fourth wall.
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Gedee Car Museum

GD Naidu Charities are the proud owners of the newly opened Gedee Car Museum in Coimbatore, which is touted as one of its kind in India with...

Light for Art

The lighting in the new extension to the Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim Museum of Modern Art) can be tailored to suit different requirements thanks to the controllable lighting panels in the ceiling and configurable spotlights – anything is possible, from a black box to a white cube for presenting artwork.

Lighting Market for Art & Museums Applications

“The rapid growth in wealth, particularly at the high-end, has fuelled stronger buying in the global art market as well as vibrant local art scenes throughout Asia,” explains Aurelio Volpe, Director - Market Research at CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies. – Aurelio Volpe

The Visitor Experience

How lighting can be used as a tool to enhance the visitor experience in cultural buildings, respecting visual and conservational factors while also meeting new challenges posed by changing human behaviour and modern architectural approaches.

Lighting Contrast Contrasting thoughts and tips for use

Coming from the UK theatre originally, the use of lighting contrast and shadow to create mood, atmosphere and emotion is in my DNA and the additional drama...

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