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Today, new technologies are transforming light fixtures into multifunctional interactive systems that can communicate with their environment. - Ashish Batra, M. Tech

Eaton unveils a new LED street-light camera

Eaton announced the launch of the LumenSafe Integrated Network Security Camera system, which enables cities, municipalities, public facilities and businesses to integrate connected video technology onto Eaton’s high-efficiency LED outdoor lighting fixtures.

Smart streetlight controls to power energy efficiency in Edinburgh

As part of the City of Edinburgh’s energy efficiency program, around 64,000 LED lights smart streetlight controls are being deployed.

Safety & Security Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of public places, streets, pathways, and walkways. To ensure the safety and security of these...

Lighting Master Plan Public Spaces and Security

The function and form of public space at night is determined mainly by artificial lights. A light guides pedestrians, cars and bicycles along roads and paths, and...

Balgheim district upgrades to sustainable LED streetlighting

Balgheim is a small but particularly progressive municipality with around 1,250 residents in the district of Tuttlingen, and with planning and decisions at community level has always...

Street and Safety Lighting: Need for Improved Safety of Drivers, Riders, and Pedestrians

 The most important role of street and safety lighting is to prevent road accidents and also provide the necessary light for clear vision at night. It helps...

The Future of LED in Streetlighting

Candles inside glasses to William Murdoch’s gas lighting in the late eighteenth century were the concept of streetlighting for over 200 years. It is only in 1880...

Time-honoured for its subtleness

Every year during the pre-Christmas period, many places in London are decorated festively and adorned with lavish Christmas lighting. In Oxford Street alone, more than half a...

Security Lighting in Urban Areas

Security lighting is installed in the dark urban areas to help protect people and valuable property from criminal acts. Other forms of lighting, such as decorative floodlighting,...

A Practical view on Progress of LED in Street Lighting Application

Although it was established long back that solid state diodes can emit light it had to wait several years before it could be molded and perfected to...

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