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Virgin Galactic Space Lighting

Virgin Galactic Puts Mood Lighting in Commercial Spacecraft

Maintaining the mood of the astronauts during space travel is very important – as once boarded in the spacecraft, they cannot come out even through emergency landing that is possible from aircraft. So, Virgin Galactic has taken into consideration that aspect while designing VSS Unity…
Anuj Dhir Wipro Lighting

Philosophical lighting with a blend of energy-efficiency

Anuj Dhir, Vice President and Business Head, Wipro Lighting speaks to Lighting India content team on his company’s aim of being the market leader in Green Building Solutions.

Getac announces partnership with pureLiFi

Getac, a manufacturer of rugged tablets and PCs for military, manufacturing and automotive industries, has announced that it is working with the LiFi technology provider pureLiFi to...
Bridgelux Vesta Thrive Tunable White Solutions

Bridgelux Vesta Thrive enables tunable white solutions

Bridgelux's combination of Thrive and Vesta Series products constitute a unique solution tailored for natural, human-centric lighting.
Bridgelux Natural Human Centric Lighting

Bridgelux rolls out natural human-centric lighting

Bridgelux has recently made available the Vesta product line commercially, adding full natural spectrum white point options to the industry’s largest portfolio of tunable white solutions.

Kingfish Company installs Philips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED

Signify, the world leader in lighting, supplied Kingfish Company with Philips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED lighting products to optimize fish growth and feed conversion at the world’s first...

Measureing super-fast, free electron laser pulses

Free electron lasers, which are driven by kilometer-long linear accelerators, emit bursts of short-wavelength light lasting one quadrillionth of a second. As a result, they can act...
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Surgical lighting system market to surpass $579.6 Mn by 2026

Global surgical lighting system market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.4 per cent during the forecast period (2018-2026), owing to continuous technological advancements and product launches of surgical lighting systems.

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