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General Lighting Design Considerations In Hospitals 1 Pg 28

Assessing Lighting-Design in Hospitals

-By Ar. Ashish Batra, General Manager (Architecture and Planning), Total Synergy Consulting Private Limited (TSCPL)Illumination or Lighting is the intended use of light to achieve an aesthetic...

HYBRID UV LIGHTING SYSTEM to reduce healthcare-associated infections

Standard cleaning procedures usually involve manual application of detergents and disinfectants.

Flickering Light Mobilizes Brain Chemistry That May Fight Alzheimer’s

For over a century, Alzheimer’s disease has confounded all attempts to treat it. But in recent years, perplexing experiments using flickering light have shown promise.
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MGM Healthcare Super-speciality hospital requiring specialised lighting

India’s glorious past in medical education and sciences is world-renowned with famous experts such as Jivaka Kumarabhacca and Charaka showing the world how to treat diseases and...

Networked lighting puts Berlin’s KEH hospital in good shape

The new building of the Protestant Queen Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital in Berlin features a LITECOM infinity lighting management system from Zumtobel and therefore incorporates the perfect combination of luminaires and lighting controls. A healthy success, you could say.

Circadian lighting helps nurses ‘sleep better’

A recent study on nurses from two Danish hospitals has reaffirmed that avoiding blue frequency light at night can help with sleep.

Healthcare Lighting Create Warmth for Your Patients and Keep Operating Costs Minimal

Lighting is of critical importance in hospitals. In my previous article I had covered in brief the importance of Human Centric lighting in Healthcare. Elaborating on that...

Human Centric Lighting – LED’s making it possible

Daylight is the most important external time-giver. It wakes us up in the morning and the lack of it makes us moodier during the winter. For this...

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