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Lighting the Modern Office

Lighting a modern office takes sincere efforts more than a few randomly positioned LEDs.

Lighting, Lighting Design & the IoT

We need to understand what kind of influences IoT will have on the lighting and lighting design, elucidates Ingmar Klaasen of Lighting Design of Things Pty Ltd. - Ingmar Klaasen

Dale Suspended

Product featuresDale Suspended is soft round shape luminaire with enhancing visual impression to the surrounding. With its visual and modern appearance makes it ideal for use...

Europeans want better workplace lighting: Survey

A survey, conducted as part of the Repro-light project, found that 56 per cent of workers want better workplace lighting.

The future of intelligent lighting for commercial office

As Blackbaud Inc., one of the world’s leading Cloud software companies powering social good, prepares to turn on the lights and welcome employees to its new 172,000...

Indoor Lighting Is Being Fueled by LEDs

Nowadays, almost everybody is talking about implementing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the indoor lighting sector. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has been at the forefront of...

Modern Office Lighting

The new Scriptus range of luminaires fulfils all functional and aesthetic standards for Human Centric Lighting. The separately controllable direct and indirect distribution light units guarantee users...

71 Fenchurch Street Gets Refurbished

71 Fenchurch Street is an architecturally significant glass and steel medium rise office building that has recently undergone a refurbishment led by Fletcher Priest Architects (FPA). Lighting...

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