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Lighting for Entertainment

Entertainment has always been an integral part of human life. Much before the invent of technology, man used to have different methods of entertainment e.g., gardening, listening...

K3 – Start & Finish On A High Note

In front of the heart was a set of steps down onto the stage, fitted with custom medium resolution architectural LED strips, and for the larger shows on the tour – including the Lotto Arena - two side IMAG screens were added... - Louise Stickland
Zero 88 Light Fanny Stella Performance

Zero 88 light’s up Fanny & Stella Performance

London fringe theatre made an outstanding return to the capital, as a socially distanced and full COVID-compliant live musical production of post-pandemic England 2020, staged in a...
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Revolutionary New I-Pix Db1 Fixture Makes Dance Event Debut At 10X10

iPix’s unique new db1 video /beam light-source made its UK dance event debut at the 2015 ManchesterInternational Festival (MIF)’s ‘10x10 Day & Night’, a special two night...

Lighting with LEDs

Light is more than just vision. It includes aspects of well-being, health and emotions. At the same time our knowledge about how lighting affects people has increased...

4Wall DC Lights ATF’s Largest Production, Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat

Kicking off Adirondack Theatre Festival’s (ATF) 23rdsummer season of professional theatre is Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat, an electronic pop musical about one of history’s most influential and...

The Many Shades of Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is an integral ingredient in the field of performing arts. It conveys emotion, mood, setting, energy and many other important elements on the stage and colour is one of the most impacting attributes of lighting. Here we introduce you to a few recent successful, world-class projects that cover the different elements of stage lighting.

HSL Searches for Everything to Supply John Mayer Tour

HSL project manager Jordan Hanson co-ordinated everything from their end and three of Nate’s regular crew, chief Chris Coyle, Benji Meserole and Holly Lloyd, went to HSL...

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