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Turtle Friendly Coastal Lighting Protects Local Habitat And Promotes Sustainability Pg 8

Turtle-friendly coastal lighting protects local habitat and promotes sustainability

- The Lighting India content teamLighting continues to be a concern in coastal communities. Artificial white light such as standard streetlights, patio lights, and flashlights can confuse...

Smart Lighting Market expects to illuminate bright

Smart lighting, an advanced technology of illumination, has gained traction with the advent of integrated lighting control systems, spurt in smart city projects in developing economies, increasing...

Smart City Pole

The concept of smart cities came into being as a consequential development to Internet of Things (IoT), digital connectivity, global warming and the compelling necessities for energy...

Solar Zones: Dawn of Smart Campus & Universities in India

The concept of Solar Zones is a new and innovative idea for potential utilisation of renewable energy within the institution or campus premises. - Ar. Ashish Batra

Smart Pole by iRAM

iRAM Smart Pole is specially designed high strength pole of 9-25 metres height with a camouflage cage to conceal the various telecom, IT and IoT (Internet of Things) components and an underground chamber for various control devices, gateways and UPS etc.


A differentiated lighting concept illuminates Alexandrinenplatz in Bad Doberan, Germany and brings its special character to life.


We have evolved from Bluetooth connected products to Wi-Fi technology enabled products in order to create modern age product experiences voice controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, Syska Group
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In the stringent power line conditions and to make drivers reliable with time, STMicroelectronics proposes high level overvoltage surge protection circuit, based on SCR Thyristors. - Benoit Renard, Siddharth Ghosh

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