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Hella Headlamps Trucks

Hella Rolls out New Headlamps for Trucks

The Jumbo LED is tested according to the new ECE regulations (ECE R149 high beam, ECE R148 position light, ECE R10 EMC). The auxiliary high beam headlamp is supplied in the illumination variant ECE Ref. 25 and is ideal for mounting on a roof bracket…
Virgin Galactic Space Lighting

Virgin Galactic Puts Mood Lighting in Commercial Spacecraft

Maintaining the mood of the astronauts during space travel is very important – as once boarded in the spacecraft, they cannot come out even through emergency landing that is possible from aircraft. So, Virgin Galactic has taken into consideration that aspect while designing VSS Unity…
Osram Leds

Osram’s new generation LEDs to increase market penetration

The Oslon Compact PL and new versions of the Oslon Black Flat S increase market penetration of LEDs in headlights even further.
Signify Scaleaq Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

Signify and ScaleAQ partner up for sustainable Aquaculture solutions

Signify and ScaleAQ join forces to optimize feed conversion most efficiently and contribute to the food challenges the world is facing. Together the two companies will improve...
Kia Motors Stinger

Kia Motors releases first images of Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger's first images appear modernized and muscular with a unique lighting system.
Substitube T8 Connected Led Tubes Car Parks

Car Parks to Use SubstiTUBE T8 Connected LED Tubes

SubstiTUBE T8 Connected LED tubes offer 50% plus energy saving compared to conventional fluorescent lamps and are configured with Master and Slave sensors.
Anuj Dhir Wipro Lighting

Philosophical lighting with a blend of energy-efficiency

Anuj Dhir, Vice President and Business Head, Wipro Lighting speaks to Lighting India content team on his company’s aim of being the market leader in Green Building Solutions.
Palliative Aircraft Interior Illumination

Palliative aircraft interior illumination

Interior lighting in an aircraft is an integral part of the ambience and passengers’ comfort. New technologies are coming up to address this area. The aircraft designers, manufacturers and maintenance groups should adopt the latest offerings in the industry.

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