BrightView Technologies, a leading global supplier of Visual Intelligence™ solutions, has announced the rollout of its new mini-LED display film for enhanced performance in automotive display applications. The solution improves LED hiding performance up to 30%, allowing vehicle developers to achieve custom specifications for brightness and optics using fewer and thinner films for enhanced efficiency.

“Vehicle displays are becoming more pervasive and sophisticated, which calls for an increasingly precise combination of brightness and LED hiding to deliver the best image quality for drivers,” said Scott Thorley, vice president of product and program management at BrightView. “Our portfolio is engineered to help make the process easier for vehicle developers, combining capabilities for enhanced brightness and uniformity with efficiency and cost-effectiveness using super thin, ultra-light display films.”

BrightView’s mini-LED display films are engineered with cutting edge micro lens array (MLA) technology that consist of microscale lenses used to manage and shape light. As opposed to conventional diffusers that rely on light scattering, MLAs use refraction and total internal reflection to manage optics and provide better light uniformity and local dimming performance. BrightView’s MLA offerings are bolstered by the company’s roll-to-roll manufacturing process which produces larger, “pillar-to-pillar” displays to meet high-volume production needs for vehicles.

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