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Superior Controllability of LEDs to Bring a New Era in Automotive Lighting

In this COVID – 19 era, although a bit less business is being observed in different quarters of the lighting industry, the researchers and new product developers...

Innovation And Partnership Lead To Better Result

How a small innovation can bring in a big change that Bridgelux has proved. Generally, if the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) goes up then efficacy comes down....

Further reduction of price is necessary for LED Lamps

Although the Government of India has taken several admirable steps to popularise the LED lamps, still a reasonably big section of the people is using the old...

From the Publisher’s Desk

During the last more or less 10 months, medical and pharmaceutical researchers all over the world have been relentlessly working on finding out the remedies against the...

From the Publisher’s Desk

Although the focus on energy saving and mood creation in lighting designs was drawn years back, beyond a certain extent translating thoughts into actions was not possible...

Focusing on the transformation in industrial lighting

Advent of LED has sorted out many such technical issues, which has added to the reliability of operations – and at the same time enhanced safety of the operators and other industrial equipment around.
Publisher's Letter

On a mission to flourish – LED in lighting

The lighting market like all other markets is strained owing to the on-set of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if we take a look at the statistics, a...

Whispering a prayer over the COVID-19 scare – Let’s stand united!

Well, we’re all torch-bearers in a world that’s trying to be better with technology. The industrial sector inclusive of the lighting and the LED industry stands shaken as events are cancelled.

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