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FoxFury Lighting Solutions launches D10 lights for small format drones

The Make in USA D10 lights for small format drones provide visibility up to 3 miles and can also be used indoors with low light for navigating safety...

Whiteway launches new Galasy II

Whiteway Lighting has launched the new Galasy II petroleum gas canopy luminaire, which features versatile mounting configurations, high efficacy and ease of servicing options. The driver compartment of...

Panasonic Life Solutions India Launches Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Panasonic Life Solutions India has launched Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb featuring multi-colour mood lighting, voice-enabled control and increased convenience...



Dalia is a first of its kind rotary LED dimmer that combines Lutron’s LED+ technology with the same ease of use as a rotary dimmer, allowing you to effortlessly set the perfect light with your LED, Incandescent or Halogen bulbs...
Lighting Design Things


Lighting has to play a significant role in the coming era of New Normal, where the expectations from the industry will be much more and literally unbounded. Thus, the industry has to gear up...
Smart Lighting Internet Of Things

Smart Lighting and Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, lighting is no longer just a means of illumination, rather it serves various other purposes including communication. With the changing trend, product standardisation is becoming more important...


Will LED price go up due to coronavirus outbreak?

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Current Issue: Jan-Feb 2020

Lighting India Magazine - Jan-Feb 2020 Issue covers: Coronavirus Fallout, Automotive Lighting, Office Lighting, Connected Lighting, Automation, LED, Smart Lighting
Lighting India Magazine – Jan-Feb 2020 Issue covers: Coronavirus Fallout, Automotive Lighting, Office Lighting, Connected Lighting, Automation, LED, Smart Lighting

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A boutique luxury studio, Klove specialises in custom lighting solutions. Designer duo from Klove, Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, speak to Subhajit Roy and tell us what’s their lighting designing philosophy and also what does it take to successfully lighting a space.


Being a project lighting company, we focus on executing mid- to large-scale projects, which entails deep understanding of every detail from design stage right up to installation and site support. Hussain Burhani, Managing Director, Hazel Lighting Systems Pvt Ltd

My heart lies in my work: Lynne Fernandez

Light reveals and enhances – the choreographer’s intent, shapes, movements, stillness, rhythms, silence. Light underpins emotional shifts and highlights dramatic moments.


India Design Mark 2020...

Initiated in co-operation with Good Design Awards, Japan, IDM Awards has honoured three of Wipro Lighting’s products for its innovation in design this year.

Architecture+Technology Innovation Award

The 21st edition of the 'Architecture+Technology Innovation Award' was organised by architecture journals AIT...

Bridgelux Recognized Twice in...

Bridgelux has received two selections for inclusion in the 2020 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report Vesta Flex, and Gen 8 Vero and V Series COBs.


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