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Lutron’s new LED Dimmer is a combination of elegance and advanced technology

Dalia is a first of its kind rotary LED dimmer that combines Lutron’s LED+ technology with the same ease of use as a rotary dimmer, allowing you to effortlessly set the perfect light with your LED, Incandescent or Halogen bulbs...
Substitube T8 Connected Led Tubes Car Parks

Car Parks to Use SubstiTUBE T8 Connected LED Tubes

SubstiTUBE T8 Connected LED tubes offer 50% plus energy saving compared to conventional fluorescent lamps and are configured with Master and Slave sensors.

Soraa VIVID-Warm Dim lamps mimic warmer hues found in natural light

Soraa Inc. announced its highly anticipated SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim lamps, designed to equip lighting professionals with a specification-grade dimmable lamp.

Fulham launches new module that adds Bluetooth to luminaires

The new Bluetooth Bridge can be installed in any electrical box or LED fixture to provide wireless 0-10 dimming control and monitoring.

8 key lighting design principles for energy-efficiency

Featuring the basic lighting designing design principles that enable a houseowner reaping the benefits of effective lighting as well as energy efficiency by reducing the electricity bill and saving money.

ERCO introduces Bluetoothcapable luminaires

Individually switching and dimming luminaires, setting up light scenes and integrating sensors – all made possible by the new, wireless method of control now offered by ERCO...

Lighting with LEDs

Light is more than just vision. It includes aspects of well-being, health and emotions. At the same time our knowledge about how lighting affects people has increased...

LED Lighting – All Eyes On Flicker

Flicker was a familiar problem with early fluorescent lamps. However, increasingly powerful electronic control gear has largely offset these interferences over time, banishing them from current perception. Since LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) have become established in all areas of lighting, including general lighting, flicker has reemerged. LED Drivers play a key role in producing light that is as flicker-free as possible...

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