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Lighting Up A Smart City

Today lighting has become smart and responsive with sensors and controls. However, when teamed with the Internet of Things (IoT), it could potentially offer greater functionality thanks to the convergence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence etc. Lighting India invited industry experts to comment on how smart lighting will transform our future homes and cities.

Smart City Pole

The concept of smart cities came into being as a consequential development to Internet of Things (IoT), digital connectivity, global warming and the compelling necessities for energy...

Lighting, Lighting Design & the IoT

We need to understand what kind of influences IoT will have on the lighting and lighting design, elucidates Ingmar Klaasen of Lighting Design of Things Pty Ltd. - Ingmar Klaasen

Qutub Minar dazzles after dark with LEDs

Signify provided 445 LED light points in warm white colour to create an impressive design emphasising the tower’s architectural features.

Solar Zones: Dawn of Smart Campus & Universities in India

The concept of Solar Zones is a new and innovative idea for potential utilisation of renewable energy within the institution or campus premises. - Ar. Ashish Batra

Smart Pole by iRAM

iRAM Smart Pole is specially designed high strength pole of 9-25 metres height with a camouflage cage to conceal the various telecom, IT and IoT (Internet of Things) components and an underground chamber for various control devices, gateways and UPS etc.

Networked lighting puts Berlin’s KEH hospital in good shape

The new building of the Protestant Queen Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital in Berlin features a LITECOM infinity lighting management system from Zumtobel and therefore incorporates the perfect combination of luminaires and lighting controls. A healthy success, you could say.

Façade Lighting Design Concepts & Parameters

Lighting design of façade plays an important role in revealing facts of the buildings, monuments etc. Few parameters of façade lighting design are discussed here. - Er. Chaudhary Rajneesh K. Singh

“Spot-on” for Nordic Light

Stages of light: a portrait of the Stockholm lighting designer Joaquim de Abreu

The Rothschild Collection

The unique Rothschild Collection of 300 bullions from 35 countries with a total weight of 230 kg is presented in 38 vitrines which are integrated in the fourth wall.

Dale Suspended

Product featuresDale Suspended is soft round shape luminaire with enhancing visual impression to the surrounding. With its visual and modern appearance makes it ideal for use...

How to CHOOSE LIGHTING for industrial facilities

This report examines the factors that influence selection of lighting solutions for challenging areas, such as industrial facilities. By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor


A differentiated lighting concept illuminates Alexandrinenplatz in Bad Doberan, Germany and brings its special character to life.

How CONNECTED LIGHTING will transform industry space?

Smart, connected lighting will transform the usage and application of lighting devices in industrial environments. - Sumit Joshi

Architectural Lighting from K-Lite

K-Lite Industries, an ISO company, manufacturing indoor and outdoor luminaires have launched a new series of LED architectural lighting.


We have evolved from Bluetooth connected products to Wi-Fi technology enabled products in order to create modern age product experiences voice controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, Syska Group

A statement of modern Retail Architecture

The industrial elements featured in the design of the supermarket are a referenceto the history of the region – showcased with a sophisticated lighting concept that makes clever use of the wide range of luminaire types, light distributions and special light colours from BÄRO.


Taiwan’s Team Young Corporation designed a smart electronic remote-control system that addresses problem of finding a switch in the working space. The system uses RF transmission technology to replace existing Wi-Fi transmission technology. - Stan Tsai
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In the stringent power line conditions and to make drivers reliable with time, STMicroelectronics proposes high level overvoltage surge protection circuit, based on SCR Thyristors. - Benoit Renard, Siddharth Ghosh
Lamps & Luminaires Lighting Technology Magazine | Decorative Luminaire, Lamp; Bluetooth Wireless Control method, Light Scenes, Sensors, Switches, Dimmers; Interior Architectural Luminaire | Dwarkamai: Fusing context and nature with light - Lighting India Bi-monthly Magazine on Lighting Industry | LEDs, Indoor, Outdoor Lighting, Household, Commercial, Industrial Lights | Future of Indian Lighting Industry News Magazine

Dwarkamai: Fusing context and nature with light

‘Lines of light’ highlight the simplicity of the design starting with the façade portal. - Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar

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