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Luminous Power Technologies Launches Connectx App To Track Rooftop Solar Performance And Efficiency

Luminous Power Technologies, a leading provider of energy solutions, today launched its cutting-edge energy management solution, the ConnectX App. The App aims to provide Luminous’ customers a...

Measureing super-fast, free electron laser pulses

Free electron lasers, which are driven by kilometer-long linear accelerators, emit bursts of short-wavelength light lasting one quadrillionth of a second. As a result, they can act...

Lighting up a Connected World

Signify’s Trulifi is a connectivity technology that uses light waves to enable an internet connection that’s fast, stable and reliable…

Kingfish Company installs Philips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED

Signify, the world leader in lighting, supplied Kingfish Company with Philips Aquaculture photoperiodic LED lighting products to optimize fish growth and feed conversion at the world’s first...
Virgin Galactic Space Lighting

Virgin Galactic Puts Mood Lighting in Commercial Spacecraft

Maintaining the mood of the astronauts during space travel is very important – as once boarded in the spacecraft, they cannot come out even through emergency landing that is possible from aircraft. So, Virgin Galactic has taken into consideration that aspect while designing VSS Unity…
Signify Scaleaq Sustainable Aquaculture Solutions

Signify and ScaleAQ partner up for sustainable Aquaculture solutions

Signify and ScaleAQ join forces to optimize feed conversion most efficiently and contribute to the food challenges the world is facing. Together the two companies will improve...
Anuj Dhir Wipro Lighting

Philosophical lighting with a blend of energy-efficiency

Anuj Dhir, Vice President and Business Head, Wipro Lighting speaks to Lighting India content team on his company’s aim of being the market leader in Green Building Solutions.
Light For Hope

MaxLite rolls out versatile floodlighting family

The family’s higher wattage models allow the user to choose the colour temperature from a given set of options.

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