Bml Blackbird Lighting System
Image credit: Ryan Muir

BML-Blackbird recently installed new lighting system designed by Luciano Savedra at Terminal 5, a renowned music venue located in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen district.

Included on the Generico MLT-1424 moving light truss are Robe Mega Pointes and Robe Spiiders along with Chauvet Ovation 260 WW and E910 FC, LED Ellipsoidals, the JDC 1 strobe lights, and an Ultratec Radiance Hazer; all wired with Generico power and data cabling.

Luciano Savedra, Partner, Move In Black, LLC said: “BML-Blackbird’s installation of the new lighting system at Terminal 5 was fast, seamless and exactly what we needed. The combination of the Robe Mega Pointes, JDC 1s, and Spiiders help me accomplish a multitude of light scenes based on the needs of the different acts that perform at the venue. Also, the way I’ve wired the system, I’m able to offer the fixtures in different modes. I RDM into the system and change fixture modes depending on how the tour has programmed their lighting show. Do you want a simple wash and strobe light? Or do you want to control each pixel? Pick your poison! This is big when it comes to cloning.”

Luciano added: “BML has provided exceptional support throughout the whole process of getting the system installed and I look forward to working with them on all the various concerts and corporate events to come.”