Individually switching and dimming luminaires, setting up light scenes and transitions and integrating sensors: all made possible with the Bluetooth control offered by ERCO as a new option with selected luminaires for track – an ideal solution for e.g. presenting exhibition spaces in lively and ever-new ways with low levels of complexity. © ERCO GmbH,

Individually switching and dimming luminaires, setting up light scenes and integrating sensors – all made possible by the new, wireless method of control now offered by ERCO in the form of Bluetooth-capable luminaires. Only a smartphone or tablet with the Casambi app are needed for setup and operation, intuitively and simply making available a level of design flexibility and convenience functions that in the past required complex light control systems. The luminaires and mobile device form a radio network completely without the need of further hardware or installations. ERCO thus introduces a technology that opens up completely new fields of application for professional design with individually controlled light.

In today’s large-scale projects such as office buildings, museums and conference centres, light control systems are usually planned in from the start. However, wireless light control solutions are becoming increasingly popular that can be simply installed and even upgraded, quickly set up and also operated by non-technical personnel. The application frequently focuses on a limited room situation, but can be expanded if needed. Typical examples of such applications are exhibition spaces, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and residential situations. With Bluetooth-capable luminaires in its Optec, Parscan, Oseris and Pollux spotlight ranges, ERCO now offers the ideal solution for such projects – an innovative approach for using light highly simply, costefficiently and at a professional level as a scenic and dynamic tool of design.

Bluetooth – integrated in the control gear

ERCO technically implements this concept by integrating Bluetooth technology from the Finnish company of Casambi directly into its control gear developed and produced in-house. The luminaires equipped in this way communicate with each other as well as with compatible smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches via the Bluetooth LE radio standard, with luminaires then being controlled over the Casambi app on the mobile end device.

The range of functions on the app includes switching and dimming single luminaires, grouping luminaires and setting up light scenes. Intuitive operation is provided by a visual user interface from ERCO with a simple, clear design. The luminaires form a so-called ‘mesh network’ that can also include the compatible products of other manufacturers, and such mesh networks can be independently set up in any quantities and linked with applications on the internet via gateways.

Available for a wide range of luminaires

Thanks to the ERCO system of luminaires a wide selection of Bluetooth-capable luminaires for track are already available. The product ranges Optec, Parscan, Oseris and Pollux offer various, attractive design options at wattages to 19W. These ranges feature interchangeable lens optics with rotationally symmetric light distributions of narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood and extra wide flood, oval flood axially symmetric light distribution and wallwash asymmetric light distribution. This in turn provides lighting designers with a flexible tool kit for presenting rooms in a professional and nuanced way with efficient visual comfort. The “ERCO individual” service also allows Bluetooth-capable variants of specific luminaires in the ERCO portfolio to be requested for the particular project.

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