Cultivation Of Hybrid Tomatoes Hybrid Light Solution
Photo by Couleur on pixabay

Illuminated tomato cultivation, when combined with Philips GreenPower, LED toplighting compact and SON-T lighting a hybrid light solution provides strong plants, higher fruit weight, more uniformity in growth and much controllable greenhouse climate.

The plant experts of Signify are experts in using LED and know better than anyone else what LED lighting means for crop growing and climate. The project was installed at the end of 2019, Signify assisted the companies with light and climate advice. Bryte and Den Berk Délice now have 180 µmol/s/m2 light, distributed across 90 µmol/s/m2 LED toplighting compact and 90 µmol/s/m2 SON-T-lighting. The Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact was introduced to the market during the last growing season.

Mark Zwinkels, Co-Owner, Bryte said: “The big advantage of LED lighting is that there is much less radiant heat from the light, which gives more control over the climate in the greenhouse. Since light and temperature can be controlled more independently from each other with hybrid lighting, we have to change the way we approach the climate differently and that requires a new way of thinking, where the experience of the Signify plant specialists comes in handy.”

Koen Lauwerysen, Business Managers, Den Berk Délice stated: “A big advantage of hybrid cultivation in comparison with SON-T is the longer illumination period. Especially in the winter months, high crop yield is important to us; it is a period that we want to make the most of. We have seen that with hybrid cultivation you can illuminate earlier in the fall, but also until deeper in the spring, up to thirteen or fourteen hours a day. Of course, you have to keep looking at what extra lighting yields in terms of production and costs.”

Erik, Co-Owner, Bryte said: “Signify talks a clear language. They are the right discussion partner for me, who regularly visits and discusses what we encounter in practice.” Koen added: “The specialists also have a large network. Via them, I managed to get into contact with other growers who also use LED. I look forward to the annual Tomato Community Event organized by Signify, where cultivators from around the world get together. This not only allows me to share experiences with LED lighting but also to expand my network that I can take advantage of in the future.”