Representative image by Kathas_Fotos from pixabay

Den Berk Délice from Merksplas in Belgium expands their cultivation area by 7,3 ha. The new greenhouse is being with Signify hybrid lighting installation, with a light level of 265 µmol/s/m2 for cultivating flavoured tomatoes. 

Koen Lauwerysen, Partner and Co-Founder, said: “It will be our third location for lit cultivation. We took a broad orientation, and eventually, our two current suppliers remained. Looking at the long term we choose Signify with full conviction. They have the most experience, deliver products of consistent and high quality, and are a frontrunner in innovation and knowledge development. Furthermore, the team thinks along with us and practices what they preach. That fits perfectly with our ambition to supply consumers and retailers with the tastiest tomatoes year-round.”

The light plan was created in close consultation between Den Berk and Signify’s account manager and plant specialist. The hybrid lighting installation consists of 50% HPS and 50% Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact containing red and blue light, delivering respectively 90 and 175 µmol/s/m2 PAR-light. This light level is exceptionally high for tomato cultivation in Northwest Europe.

Lauwerysen explained: “The developments go quickly, and with this configuration, we can make the step to a higher light level for the same electricity usage as at Salmmeir. It is a good step towards further sustainability of our company. Thanks to the higher capacity of LED, we can use the lighting longer and with higher efficacy in April/May when the heat radiation from the HPS is less necessary. We expect that the LEDs will be turned on for 3.000 hours per year, against 2.600 hours for the HPS.”

Udo van Slooten, Business leader Horticulture LED solutions, Signify, said: “We see that quality is becoming more important in the customer’s decision-making process. In other words: as a supplier, you have to keep your promises. Signify’s LED grow lights are always extensively tested for quality and comply with the international standards that we hold. This guarantees a high-quality product. And with that, we were also able to convince Den Berk!”

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