In-patient rehabilitation and the achievement of healthcare and therapeutic outcomes are aided by hospital illumination, which is an important component of hospital structure and administration. It also emphasises the relationship between the patient and the doctor, as well as financial management and hospital operations management. Because it is often utilised in ICUs, wards, operating rooms, and other hospital settings, lighting is viewed as an important aspect of the infrastructure of the healthcare domain. Lighting manufacturers are rapidly developing technologies that are both efficient and low-cost.

According to a recently published study; ‘The Maximize Market Research report’*, which has covered the details of: terms of definition, segmentation, market potential, significant trends, and the challenges, which the industry is facing;  in the year 2027, the surface-mounted lighting category is predicted to account for the greatest proportion of the market. The increasing deployment of LED-based lights in hospitals around the world is driving growth in this category.


The hospital lighting industry is divided into fluorescent lights, LED lights, renewables, and others based on technology. The advantages of LED technology over older lighting systems are expected to boost the hospital lighting industry’s growth. According to the US Department of Energy, lighting is a major source of energy in hospitals, accounting for more than 10% of overall energy use. As a result, there is a growing global demand for green technologies, which is expected to drive growth in the LED technology segment of the hospital lighting market because LEDs have a longer life, improved efficiency, are eco-friendly, durable, and provide more evenly distributed light than traditional lighting systems. The adoption of LEDs in intelligent lighting systems and solutions, for example, is expected to boost the hospital lighting industry’s growth.


Patient wards and ICUs, examination rooms, operation suites, and other applications are all sub-segmented in the hospital lighting industry. In 2027, patient wards and ICUs are expected to account for the greatest proportion of the market. This high percentage may be due to the expanding number of hospitals in developing countries like India and China.

Impact of COVID – 19

As per the study, the COVID-19 Pandemic has the potential to impair the market in three ways: it could have a direct impact on production and demand, disrupt supply networks and marketplaces, and cause financial devastation to enterprises and financial institutions.

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