GENLED Brands expands capabilities throughout its global holdings with GENLED AgiLight and GENLED Acolyte. Leveraging an infrastructure that includes a footprint on six continents, spanning sixty-six countries, GENLED Brands can manufacture, supply and support millions of businesses and clients. Originally expanding from a single LED signage company to a preeminent player within the larger LED industry, which now also places a strategic focus on architectural fixtures, outdoor lighting solutions and complete customised lighting solutions.

Bolstering operations to include manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia as well as production facilities in North America, the group of GENLED Brands companies positions themselves to provide exceptional support to both our existing clients while expanding reach to new customers who aren’t as familiar with the brand.

“The availability of our Sales and Support staff in all regions allows us to keep the company’s core values intact while allowing an opportunity for growth in areas that the LED industry requires is huge,” says Scott Vontobel Global Sales Director, GENLED Brands. “Everyone in the company from Senior Management, Operations to Customer Service are equally excited to show off our capabilities, the energy is high and we’re all looking forward to making our mark.”

GENLED AgiLight and GENLED Acolyte are amongst the few leading manufacturers of LED signages and architectural lighting solutions.