Getac, a manufacturer of rugged tablets and PCs for military, manufacturing and automotive industries, has announced that it is working with the LiFi technology provider pureLiFi to evaluate the technology for design into future wireless devices.

LiFi enables data transmission via light rather than radio waves at high-speeds through small adjustments in the intensity. The result is a high-speed Internet connection that is more secure, reliable, and able to deliver bandwidth far beyond the capabilities of conventional wireless communications such as Wi-Fi.

For military, automotive, and manufacturing customers, security, safety and reliability are paramount to their operations. Getac ensures that they utilise the latest technologies to
provide customers with solutions to overcome challenges and safeguard and improve productivity. LiFi is more secure and virtually interference-free compared to other wireless solutions. By introducing LiFi technology, Getac customers can take advantage of the
security and reliability of a wired network with the flexibility of a wireless solution.

“Getac’s partnership with pureLiFi will make us the pioneer in the rugged devices industry to tap on the potential of next-generation connectivity, strengthening our commitment to
customers operating in extreme and challenging environments,” said Amanda Ward, Director of EMEA Products and Solutions, Getac.

“In 2019, pureLiFi launched components for integration into mobile devices aligned with our strategy to provide LiFi for every device and every light,” said Nikola Serafimovski,
pureLiFi VP of Standardisation and Business Development. “Getac will be the first device company to put LiFi onto their product roadmap and deliver to their customers unprecedented security, reliability and bandwidth by doing so.”