Kichler Lighting Dallas Market Center Space
Pic by 089photoshootings on pixabay

Kichler Lighting has been a trusted resource and reliable business partner for customers who value a thoughtful and expert approach to lighting delivery. The brand is now undertaking an innovative approach to introduce products and tools to customers.

Kichler Lighting’s customers have come to expect an extraordinary partner experience, intentionally designed to help grow and enhance their businesses. With this legacy in mind, Kichler Lighting identified several immediate needs the flexibility of when, how, and where it can safely connect with customers, better management of its product launch calendar and touchpoints and customer engagement with the brand and its products in fresh, experiential ways.

To address these needs, Kichler Lighting exits its Dallas Market Center (DMC) space from August 2020. The decision was carefully considered and based on several factors, but not limited to, the desire to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace that will best serve customers and their consumers on the path to project success.

Irene Tasi, President, Kichler Lighting said: “Pivoting away from Lightovation was not an easy or quick decision for us, and we thank the DMC for our partners throughout the years. Challenges and obstacles often open doors for innovation, and we intend to continue to be at the forefront of customer experience and support at all levels. In November, we will introduce digital tools and virtual events that will provide customers with experiential access to Kichler products and information. In 2021 and beyond we will continue to reinvent the customer experience by hosting exceptional in-person events that we are certain participants will find to be a thoughtful reinvestment of our engagement with them and their experience with our product.”

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