Diptyque was created in 1961. It opened its first store at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in the heart of Paris. Today and after 54 years, the brand is unveiling a renovated space that reflects its creative and elegant spirit like no other Diptyque store in the world; with the challenge of giving it a new face without changing the soul.

To preserve the shop’s authenticity, original colours such as olive green on the inside and burgundy on the facade, as well as display wooden furniture, were given a refreshed look. The boutique has a hand painted wall, the ‘Lapis & Malachite’, made by co-founder Desmond Knox-Leet. It needed a special care in order to erase damages that appeared with time.

The authentic spirit did not retain Diptyque from adding a touch of modernity when it comes to lighting. PSLab worked closely with the brand to develop a lighting solution overcoming all technical and electrical constraints due to the historical aspect of the building.

PSLab designed two bespoke steel and ribbed glass chandeliers that found their places in the heart of the space making them the first thing you notice when entering the boutique. They also provide a more balanced interior lighting emphasized by their aesthetical aspect while preserving the strong identity of the brand.

PSLab’s technical expertise allowed the development of another custom-made mechanism that is adapted to each of three the different boutique’s vitrines. The created system’s added value is in its discrete and wireless LED projectors that slide on a prewired frame all over the vitrine’s perimeter. Products and displays change constantly, and require a flexible lighting that adapts accordingly. We have dedicated 40 projectors that can be used randomly in terms of quantity and in any direction depending on the window design ‘s requirements.