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Opto-Semiconductor solutions company Lextar Electronics Corp. (Lextar) and MicroLED displays’ company X Display Company (XDC) have entered into agreements – including Development and License Agreement and Services Agreement – wherein Lextar has licensed XDC’s Intellectual Property, and both Lextar’s and XDC’s customers will be supplied Lextar’s high-performance MicroLEDs.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with XDC, which brings the innovative and feasible MicroLED display mass-production technology to Lextar. Lextar has committed to developing MicroLED technology for years and is known for its expertise in the display industry. By virtue of practicing the broad and foundational IP portfolio of XDC with respect to MicroLED, we look forward to the robust cooperation between the two companies to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation display technology. Moreover, our customers can benefit from our one-stop service from MicroLED chip to display module. Together we aim to change the landscape of the display industry, “said C. N. Huang, Vice President of Lextar Technology Center.

Lextar leads the LED industry and has invested in several of the next generation LED miniaturization projects for MicroLED products from chip, packaging, testing, assembly, module, circuit drives to subsystems, and is working closely with partners like XDC.

“Lextar is an innovative and dynamic LED company with strong experience in the display industry. We are excited to partner with Lextar and co-develop MicroLEDs for our customers,” said Dr. Matthew Meitl, Co-Founder and VP of Displays at X Display Company.

XDC is a pioneer in the mass-transfer of MicroLEDs and has built a broad and foundational IP portfolio of over 400 patents.

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