MEGAMAN, a global lighting solutions provider with more than two decades of expertise in LED technology, showcased its Smart Lighting Solution with advanced functionality and extensive range of innovative LEDs at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) from 27th to 30th October 2017.

MEGAMAN continued its previous success and staged as a major exhibitor with three themed sections at the Hall of Aurora, a sophisticated environment shows branded products to the best advantage in a handsome setting.   They include INGENIUM  ZB Smart Lighting accompanied with extensive range of LED Luminaires and Lamps, TECOH LED Components and Commercial Lighting sections to cater different industry needs.


MEGAMAN INGENIUM ZB Smart Lighting Solution allows users experience and enjoy a new level of home automation in a mesh network by utilising ZigBee technology and they can add devices as needed and at leisure. Always getting smarter and adding new features, the INGENIUM ZB Smart Lighting Solution now works with Amazon Alexa voice commands. You can simply use the mobile device or even easier – Alexa to control all smart devices of your connected home or commercial spaces.

For those who are looking for a simple start-up system for home or a scalable system for commercial projects, the INGENIUM ZB is the perfect smart lighting solution offering wireless control via mobile phones or tablets from anywhere in the world.


MEGAMAN TECOH LED Components exclusively showcases its extensive range of high performance LED Light Engines (LLE’s) and Modules which have been specified as important lighting components by major lighting fixtures makers. As a forward-thinking LED innovator, its TECOH THx LED Light Engine with ZigBee technology features a future-proof design for interchangeability with other downlights, smart lighting control and interoperability with other devices via the ZigBee gateway.

 MEGAMAN Commercial Lighting showcases the ultimate commercial lighting application for companies who really wish to enhance their brand image, identity and environment.  Visitors are impressed with our innovative LED luminaires and inspired by the latest trend and versatility of office lighting.  Also, advanced users can control, automate and create ambience or scenes to stimulate mood, reduce energy consumption and increase comfort for staff – all through the power of smart lighting control.