The first season of the 1% Quiz TV quiz show in the Netherlands was recorded at EMG’s Mediahaven Studio in Amsterdam with a stylish lighting design by Henk-Jan van Beek of design studio Light-H-Art. This featured 110 x Robe ESPRITES, 98 x LEDBeam 350s, 46 x LEDBeam 150s and 20 x T1 Profile moving lights, all delivered by Eventec.

“Continuity was absolutely vital when it came to lighting,” explained Henk-Jan who needed one luminaire per person to replicate the fast-paced and complex set of cues that were integrated into the Market Graph gameplay machine.

“I wanted a luminaire that gave exactly the same quality of light and characteristics and the same CT utilising the same LED light engine.”

The key light for each contestant was aligned at the same distance to produce identical CT whites plus blue and red cues associated with the game cues as well as beautiful front lighting.

The 20 x T1 Profiles provided additional key lighting and specials.

The LEDBeam 350s were positioned in a spherical shape around the studio floor inside the centre of the set and on the largest of the overhead circle truss at the back where they provided classy beam work. They were chosen for their small size and to add drama especially to the overhead and high-level shots.

The little LEDBeam 150s were additionally used for back and fill lighting on the contestants/audience and to ensure there were no back-of-shot ‘black holes’.

Lighting was programmed on a grandma3 console by Edwin Zuidwijk from Light H’Art, which was linked to the main games machine that fired all the cues. The eight days of shooting allowed the team to record two series’ – two shows a day – of the Dutch production which will be aired on VTM in summer 2023.

Photos: By Nathan Reinds

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