Pic by Edar on pixabay

Signify recently signed a cooperation agreement with Yunnan AiBiDa Greenhouse Technology Co., LTD. According to the agreement, Yunnan AiBiDa Greenhouse Technology formally becomes a research partner using Philips GreenPower LED products as supplementary lighting for its greenhouse floriculture production to improve its crop growth efficiency and quality in western China.

Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture, Signify said: “We are pleased to welcome AiBiDa to our horticultural network. Yunnan AiBiDa is committed to integrating advanced European Horticulture technology and facilities to China’s developing floriculture market. AiBiDa’s flowers such as cut rose, enjoy a high reputation in the Chinese market. Signify will provide AiBiDa with advanced horticulture LED lighting technology and services to improve the quality and yield of their greenhouse crops.”

Li Qin, Founder and CEO, Yunnan AiBiDa said: “The partnership will further promote the use of LED applications in floriculture production in greenhouses. We need high-quality products for our customers in China. Philips Horticulture LED lighting technology is what we need for our greenhouse crop production.”