Signify, the global leader in lighting solutions, has installed Philips GreenPower LED toplighting and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting in Poland to help grow pink tomatoes. The Piotr Kociszewski greenhouse, part of the VegaPOL producer group, has a 6-hectare greenhouse complex, of which about 2- hectare is equipped, with an LED lighting system offering up to 260 µmol/s/m2.

The VegaPOL-Kociszewski greenhouse uses a full LED lighting solution with a combined output of up to 260 µmol/s/m2. This high output allows for intensive tomato cultivation in the winter period regardless of the availability of natural light. This project follows the latest global trends of maximizing the amount of light per square meter of cultivation. The typical light output in greenhouses in this region is around 200 µmol/s/m2, but in Poland, the actual output of the lighting installations is often less—or even much less—than that.

Piotr Kociszewski, Owner, Piotr Kociszewski greenhouse, said: “The large-scale full LED project in our greenhouse was a success. Signify’s horticulture specialists helped us with their extensive knowledge on tomato cultivation under artificial lighting. This was very important to us, especially since our system was to be the first large-scale greenhouse full LED lighting installation in Poland, with such a high light output. Our mission is to only use cultivation methods in which the vegetables we sell are healthy, free from chemical contamination, and produced most sustainably.”

Maciej Król, Horti LED Business Development Manager CEE, Signify, said: “Consumers today are more and more conscious of the sustainability of tomato farming, and this aspect is gaining real commercial value for greenhouses growing tomatoes under LED lighting. We are glad that following the first micro-tests, Piotr Kociszewski decided to go for a large-scale LED solution in 2019, and this season almost doubled the acreage of the LED installation to a total area of about 2 ha.”

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