The concept of smart-living as a trend is gaining importance among city dwellers. The densification of housing and the on-going migration into urban centres is what brings living itself into motion. Separating walls are disappearing and living spaces are merging into each other. The integration of family and living space with kitchens (open kitchen concept) has increasingly become a very popular design option especially for small spaces.

  Such a layout comes with multiple advantages. It transforms your kitchen into the pulsating hub of your home enabling easy conversations between your guests and you as you cook and prepare dishes. It also adds a sense of volume to your kitchen especially in modestly sized homes.

  This INDIAWOOD, Häfele introduces a box-full of home and kitchen innovations that are highly conducive to ‚smart living‘ and will redefine your perspective on space utilisation:

1. Sliding Countertops

  Optimising the space inside the kitchen creates new design possibilities, introduces balance and ensures efficient ergonomics. Häfele introduces its new range of Sliding Countertops that can double up as an addition to the current countertop or can cover built-in hobs, kitchen sinks, retractable faucets, pop-up sockets etc. when not in use – the possibilities are endless!

2. Drawer Organisers

  Organising the kitchen successfully does one and only one thing: makes life simpler. A muddle in the kitchen clutters not only the worktop but also your creativity. It is therefore desirable to have things out of the way. Häfele brings to you its new range of drawer organisers with three distinct finish series: Plastic, Wooden and Stainless Steel. The drawer organisers in each of these series include elegant and high-value inserts like cutlery trays, plate holders or organisers, container holders, knife holders and more.

3. Qanto Corner Solution

  Reinventing your kitchen corner can generate easy space for storage. Häfele’s Qanto – a plug-and-play corner solution – allows up to three versatile storage trays to be extracted and retracted vertically by a linear drive, at the press of a button. UtiliSing unreachable space in the corner to its optimum effect, Qanto is an intelligent corner solution which combines maximum operating comfort, generous work surfaces, well organised storage space, ergonomic qualities and the highest technical and design standards in a perfect symbiosis.

 New Qanto Corner Solution

4. Cornerstone Maxx

  Another innovative possibility to redefine corner space within a kitchen is Häfele’s Cornerstone Maxx. When you open the corner cabinet in the kitchen, you need a solution that meets you with the full contents – without obstructing the adjacent cabinets. CORNERSTONE MAXX fulfils this need. Straight-extending kinematics with energy storage support; floating design with wide and stable shelf surfaces; and simple installation – your kitchen is upgraded in every respect as a result.

Tip-on Blumotion

5. Motion technologies for Cabinet fronts from Blum

  Smooth fronts without handles are a typical feature of modern living environments. To make it easy to open such fronts, we bring to you the motion technology Tip-on Blumotion, which combines the Tip-on mechanical opening, with the reliable Blumotion technology that ensures added convenience through rounded motion and real usability!

6. Efficient Waste Management

  Taking into account that every aspect of the kitchen should give you optimal functionality, Häfele offers you the best options in managing your kitchen waste with effortless convenience. Take the Bo Touch Bin for example, that combines a beautiful design with all features for easy waste management at home. One, two or even three removable inner buckets for waste separation can be combined to give you the best possible solution!

Hafele Connect

7. Walk-in Wardrobes

  Effective bedroom designs ensure optimum space utilisation and provide a sense of clutter-free convenience. Häfele’s Walk-in Wardrobe fittings – a range designed for the most precious corner of your bedroom – allow for efficient storage, easy access and astute convenience, making the daily interactions with your wardrobe a truly enriching experience!

8. Häfele Connect

  Smart technologies within homes add to the experience of easy and smart living. Häfele Connect – an innovative, intelligent and wireless system – offers you exactly this by connecting and operating the entire lighting of your entire home. With Häfele Connect you can now create the perfect atmosphere for many moods and settings with a centrally controlled system that is linked to your smart device – as easy to operate as the swipe of a finger!

Credit: Hafele India

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