Motwane is a leading Test & Measurement company in India serving diversified customer base across various customer segments with its indigenous Research & Development (R&D) products known for quality and reliability.

Towards Motwane’s efforts to provide value added assets to its customers impacting directly on their profitability with direct cost saving, automation, ease of operation, etc. and to contribute towards clean environment, the Company has developed through its own R&D efforts, a Smart Street Lighting Solutions which shall help its customers across various segments like Smart Cities, Townships & Parks, Industrial Lighting, Pathways/Highways/Roadways/Ports/Airports etc., Bridges & Tunnels, Defense/Railways etc…

This solution provides Return on Investment (ROI) within 14 months to 20 months to the customer with 50%+ reduction in energy usage and it also provides huge saving on maintenance efforts with automation of various maintenance parameters & enabling pro-active decision making, reduces big CO2 emission helping better environment etc..

The key features of the solution are as follows:

  • Remote control and operation of each light pole as well as logical groups of light poles
    • Preferred dimming options for additional saving
    • Pre-programmed schedules and real-time management for routine and special conditions.
    • Proactive and simpler maintenance supports real-time inventory managementfor reduced costs and improved performance
    • Secure and encrypted communication at each layer of communication
    • Pre-configured and freely assignable parameter like events and status for Alarms via SMS and Email alerts
    • The web-based central management and control software works in conjunction with our lighting controllers provides accessibility from any browser
    • Exhaustive and customised reports on various parameters of operation, performance and consumption
    • Integrates with google map for pin pointing of the location
    • Data backup facility at each controller so no loss of data in event of Power or Communication loss
    • Availability of historical live data for 2 years and archived data for 7 years with cloud services

The smart street lighting solution is modular and can be integrated to other smart solutions for Smart city projects.

Being 100% indigenous the designed platform has capability to integrate and interface various other sensors and solutions of event based intelligent control, security and augmentation of specific features based on the unique requirements for the project.


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