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Smart Tech Innovations at its Peak in HKTDC Lighting Fair

More than 1,430 exhibitors from nine countries showcased their latest and the innovative products and solutions at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 6th April to 9th April organised by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) during the 11th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition). The fair welcomed around 21,000 buyers from 124 countries and regions, with a significant growth in attendance from markets such as Mainland China, Indonesia, Ukraine, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Nordic countries.

The lighting fair displayed smart and energy saving lighting products, systems and accessories at a range of themed zones. These zones were named as Residential Lighting, Technical Lighting, Urban & Architectural Lighting, Advertising Display Lighting, the Avenue of Chandeliers, Commercial Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Lighting accessories and Horticultural Lighting. This year the organiser introduced one more theme i.e. Innobuild focusing on smart home revolution and presenting state-of-the-art building technology and construction tools.

Further, the Smart Lighting and Solutions Zone focusing on innovative lighting systems, remote control and smart lighting solutions concentrated on ‘IoT Lighting Supply Chain’. The zone showcased new IoT platforms, artificial intelligence, innovative smart light systems from Tuya and Broadlink.

One of the centres of attractions of the lighting fair was Hall of Aurora showcasing innovative designs from MLS, MOSO Electric and SKY LIGHTING.

Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director, said, “Smart lighting technology has seen rapid development in recent years. Simple automatic lighting has evolved into today’s IoT lighting systems that are energy-efficient, beautifully designed and easy to manage. Even as uncertainty continues to loom over the global economy, the growing trend for smarter lighting has not dimmed, and orders for smart lighting products have continued to grow. Smart lighting products once again enjoyed the spotlight at this year’s Spring Lighting Fair with plenty of new lighting systems and wireless lighting controls products on display. The HKTDC also organised an array of seminars and forums during the fair to promote industry growth.”

Like every year, the Spring Edition of HKTDC Lighting Fair organised enlightening interactive sessions on Asian Lighting Forum deliberating on topics like Future of Connected Lighting, Innovation in Smart Lighting from industry stalwarts like OSRAM, Signify, Illumination Physics, Tridonic, LEDinside and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Institute (ASTRI). The speakers discussed latest technologies and applications and an overview of the lighting market.

While giving insights on the lighting market, Figo Wang, Chief Research Analyst and Research Director at LEDinside, TrendForce Corporation said, “LED lighting continues to replace grey lighting and is growing 2–3 per cent per year. But inventory is also continuing to grow every year, which will be a challenge for the LED lighting market. In the medium-to-long run, higher prices attract more participants, but this in turn, leads to more competition and lower prices. Smart lighting will add value and help increase demand. Market demand will be driven by innovation.”

“The future of façade lighting must have a goal, which involves its total integration with the architecture.” The inhibitors are globalised products and standardisation, which in effect force architects to adapt their creations to the lighting fixtures available,” said Simon McCartney, Co-Founder of Illumination Physics (IP) during his presentation on Façade Lighting.

Kai Ren, Developer Relations Manager, APAC, Bluetooth SIG discussed Bluetooth’s new direction-finding capability as it has great potential for smart lighting devices, which can be used as signal sending and receiving devices in warehouses, for example, to provide location accuracy down to centimeter-level.

Tjaco Middel, Head of R&D for Asia Pacific of Austrian company Tridonic, a global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions reviewed some of the myriad benefits of connected lighting. “Lighting provides a basic function, but when connected to the internet, the possibilities are endless. Just three years ago, the focus of LED lighting changed from just LEDs and energy savings to controls because controls allow new business opportunities, such as smart lighting and more beautiful buildings. Now the mobile phone can be used to control light, but this just makes it a remote-control device. It must be connected to the internet to be great,” he informed.

Products Highlights

ZigBee Intelligent Wireless Control System from DIMON Technology

DIMON Technology having headquarter in Hong Kong showcased IoT ZigBee Wireless Lighting Controls System. DIMON UK has developed the industrial IoT platform ‘DM’ for lighting manufactures by using the ZigBee Sensor, ZigBee LEDDriver, ZigBee Controller, ZigBee Gateway and networking technology in their LED luminaries. It also enables users to save electricity consumption with energy report, save signaling wires and cable containments on top of installation cost to comply with the requirements of building energy code and LEED Green Building certification. The system has applications in smart cities project.

Infrared Heat Lamps from Jae Kyung Eli (JK Lighting)

Korea-based JK Lighting, manufacturer and supplier of LED and infrared heat lamps, launched infrared heat lamps at the exhibition. These lamps have high heat output. So, it has applications in bathroom heating, brooder for baby chicks and baby pigs. These are also used for food heating in restaurants and skin care with better blood circulation for medical purpose.

Mini Hydroponic System from Titans Industries

Hong Kong based Titans Industries displayed Mini Hydroponic System in the Horticultural Lighting zone. The system consists of LED grow light that accelerated the growth rate of plants. Its hydroponic system provides a clean environment that is suitable for indoor plants.

Mooni introduces Eclipse Speaker

Mooni, Swedish designer brand for light and sound, introduced Mooni Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker with Wirefree in Hall of Aurora zone. It is designed with two philosophies in mind – design and sound. The smooth curves and its signature pine wood handle can blend with user’s décor. The concave shape of the speaker enhances and delivers powerful sound. The LEDs illuminating around the speaker create a ring of fire effect when set on a dynamic light mode setting.

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