Bringing in a revolutionary idea for interior styling Meystyle, the London based brand on LED Wallpapers housed at Spacio showcases a stunning range of bespoke illuminated LED wallpapers.

Their Nina Collection draws inspiration from the old and new, creating a new line inspired by embroidery designs created by their late Grandmother – Nina. LED’s provide ambient lighting and an aesthetic quality but also provides a spatial marker at night when all other lights are off. Matching designs can be printed onto a wide variety of flame-retardant fabrics for upholstery and cushions.

The digital designs are printed onto wallpaper with a choice of a non-woven or paper substrate. The use of Swarovski crystals accentuates the impact of the LED’s as the two work in harmony to create a dramatic impact. Each wallpaper is hand-made to create tailored patterns to compliment other fixtures in the room. This press release is about showcasing the brands beautiful collection Nina.

Meystyle is a London–based design company specialising in designer LED wallpaper, an exclusive technology pioneered in 2004. Meystyle wallpapers are individually handmade which enables tailor made patterns to be created as per unique environments.

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