Stage lighting play cog role in enhances the attention span of the audience. Entertainment or theatrical lighting is used to enhance the scene. The lighting should pull all the aspects of the stage together. The basic function of stage lighting is visibility, mood, composition, revelation of the form, reinforcement, etc. Different lighting positions are use to front light, side light, back light, hide site light, down light. Today’s stage lighting tools are combination of technology and creativity, and allow designers to let their imaginations take flight. Requiring their own vocabulary of sorts, the tools of today’s lighting designers are high-tech marvels that are a far cry from the rudimentary candles and torches of old, but all accomplish the same goal, that of beautiful illumination for the action onstage.

Stage lighting market is mainly driven by increasing application of stage lights in different venues such as entertainment venues, photography, corporate events and others. Stage lighting market is segmented on the basis of different application into entertainment venues, concerts and other. In 2016, an entertainment venue is one of the largest segments of the stage lighting market and accounted for largest share of the total market. Nevertheless, the concerts application segment is estimated to dominate the market due to due to increasing popularity in young generation and growing music industry.

Geographically, North America was one of the largest markets for stage lighting in 2016. Asia Pacific stage lighting market is also expected to register the fastest growth rate over the forecast period. It is also expected to have significant growth during the years to come owing to the fast growth in music industry and higher adoption of laser lighting by countries such as China, Japan, India and others. Indian music industry is expected to grow at the range of USD 169 million to 200.7 million by 2020, has managed to grow at a steady pace over the period of the last five years from 2010 to 2015. Europe is expected to grow at a moderate growth within the forecast period.

Some of the key players in the global stage lighting market include ACME, ADJ Group, Deliya, ETC, Fine Art Light, GoldenSea, JB Lighting , and Visage among others.