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This is tied into research being conducted by the University of Tartu, including a three-month study on the prevalence of coronavirus among both symptomatic and asymptomatic people. At least 16,000 residents – based on a random statistical sample – will be interviewed and invited to be tested for coronavirus. The transportation programme to help collect the samples was initiated by Strikken’s long-time partner Rally Estonia, to get the materials quickly and safely to Synlab which is the main testing laboratory in Tallinn. Speedy test results and data from the study will assist the government in an effective response and relevant public health guidance.Tallinn, Estonia-based technical production and rental company Strikken has been doing its bit to support the nation’s fight against coronavirus by voluntarily assisting the Synlab Eesti OU laboratory in collecting and transporting Covid-19 test samples gathered from all around the country, the company reported via a press release.

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